legend of the mantamaji graphic novel by eric dean seaton black superhero

Why This Hollywood Director Created a Black Superhero

legend of the mantamaji graphic novel by eric dean seaton black superheroAs a kid growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, there were two things I wanted to be when I grew up – a director and a comic book creator. Funny enough, becoming a director in Hollywood happened for me first.

Throughout my entire career, I carried my comic book dream with me and after 32 different shows, 165 television episodes, 18 music videos, two pilots for Nickelodeon, two pilots for Disney XD, episodes of NBC/Warner Bros. comedy “Undateable,” BET’s “Let’s Stay Together,” “Reed Between the Lines,” and more, I am finally able to release my first graphic novel series “Legend of the Mantamaji.”

This project is six years in the making and it is important for many of the reasons Adam Pliskin pointed out in his article, “Why Hollywood Would Make Way More Money If It Had Black Superheroes.”

Fantasy and fiction is best when it’s based on something people can relate to. For too long, people of color were an afterthought in Superhero or Sci-Fi/Fantasy stories and I didn’t want to continue that outdated thinking. Even now, some of the classic super heroes are being remade as a different race because they were originally created decades ago and only represented one group of people.

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