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2015 Legend of the Mantamaji Graphic Novel Book Tour Starts This Weekend

graphic novel book signing, san francisco, mlk 20152014 was a great year for Legend of the Mantamaji and 2015 is shaping up to be even better with the launch of the Legend of the Mantamaji 11 city (and adding) book tour! We have almost doubled the number of appearances over last year’s successful promotion tour (check out the Year in Review here.)

Our first stop in 2015 is at the historic San Francisco Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration. This event attracts more than 30,000 people to the area with music festivals, film screenings, a brunch, march and this year – the first Black Comix Arts Festival! I was invited as a Special Guest and Sunday, January 18th I will take part in an Author Conversation with book signing to follow.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to stay for the events on Monday as well. Right after I finish the book signing I will fly back to L.A. to shoot NBC’s Undateable. My awesome team will be there on Monday however, lead by my wife Nikki, to run the Legend of the Mantamaji booth.

If you’re in the Bay Area or up for a road trip, come out and support this great new con and Dr. King’s legacy.

Check out the news alert for more information:

Legend of the Mantamaji Book Tour Release

2014 Year in Review for Legend of the Mantamaji

What a year this has been! When Legend of the Mantamaji launched, independently through “And…Action!” Entertainment, we had no idea what the reception would be. It’s a big graphic novel series, we were starting from scratch, but I knew people would like the books if I could just get them into their hands. Now, two books into the series and response has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. Let’s take a look at what the year brought:

Thank you again everyone for all of your support and don’t forget – Legend of the Mantamaji Book Three launches in February, pre-order here and mark your calendars for the 2015 Book Tour!

Legend of the Mantamaji Book Two Launch, Featured in Black Men’s Dossier

Book2_3D_transToday is the launch of Legend of the Mantamaji: Book Two! It seems like it was only yesterday we were gearing up for the first book launch and here we are again for the second book.

This has been a fantastic ride so far with family, co-workers, fellow artists and friends (new and old) coming together to support Legend of the Mantamaji. Checking Amazon today, there are only 13 copies of Book Two left which is amazing and humbling.

While the team was gearing up for the launch, our new friends over at posted their article on the series. Please show them some love and visit the site and share the article with friends:

There are few people in the world who don’t like movies. However, as a child, Eric Dean Seaton was more intrigued by the people behind the scenes and listed on the end credits.

Always a fan of storytelling, Seaton began to nurture a love and knack for creativity within the entertainment industry. As a director of various notable television pieces, he has expanded his craft to include that of comic book creator and editor.

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Graphic Novel “Legend of the Mantamaji” New Holiday Collectables for Graphic Novel Superhero Fans

TV director Eric Dean Seaton offers his new three-book graphic novel series at special holiday bundle price that includes autographed copies. The series is perfect for graphic novel fans who want to keep a copy of the series and gift one to a friend.

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) December 01, 2014

500px_LOMdouble_bundleGraphic novel fans – and the people who love them – have a new hit to add to their CyberMonday shopping: TV director Eric Dean Seaton’s hit graphic novel series, “LEGEND OF THE MANTAMAJI.” The three book series has two holiday exclusives – two bundle pricing and every book purchased through December 20, 2014 is autographed by Eric Dean Seaton himself. The collectable bundles and autographed copies are only available through the Legend of the Mantamaji website.

Graphic novel fans are able to scoop up the last two books in the series ahead of their publish dates (December 10, 2014 & February 11, 2014). Previously, the only way to get all three books ahead of their release dates was to attend one of the popular comic book conventions Seaton has attended including, San Diego Comic-Con, Stan Lee Comikaze, New York Comic Con and Long Beach Pop Culture and Comics Expo.

“So many fans aren’t able to make it to the comic conventions, but show so much enthusiasm for the books, I wanted to make sure they could get their hands on them for the holidays. My signing pen worked overtime, but it’s worth it,” said Seaton, a two-time NAACP Image Award nominated, episodic director of hit shows like TBS’s “Ground Floor,” NBC’s “Undateable,” Nickelodeon’s “The Haunted Hathaways,” and “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn;” Disney’s “Austin and Ally” and BET’s “Reed Between the Lines.” [READ MORE…]


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Strong Female Characters in Comics: Not that hard to create

Creating well-rounded female characters in comics isn’t hard. Just look around you for inspiration and if you can’t find real life representations, you need to expand your own circle.

Sanctuants, strong female superheroes in comics, legend of the mantamaji

The Sanctuants have the ability to conjure biogenic energy in their bodies. Almost wiped from the face of the Earth throughout the centuries, they currently live in secret among humans.

Diversity in comics is usually one of the main topics of the conversations I have when discussing creating the Legend of the Mantamaji with the press. And interestingly, the discussion of race tends to be shorter than the discussion of the portrayal of female characters in the series.

The reality is, creating strong, well-rounded, fully fleshed females isn’t any more difficult than creating any other type of character – and inspiration isn’t hard to find.

In my life and in my career, all the people that have been behind my advancement have been strong women.

When I first came to Los Angeles and started working on comedies, the creators and people in charge were women:

  • The Executive Producer who got me in the Directors Guild of America as an assistant director.
  • The Line Producer who was behind me getting my opportunity to direct.
Sydney Spencer female characters in comics, strong female characters, legend of the mantamaji

Detective Sydney Spencer, smart, tough with a mean right hook. She believes in the impossible possibility of supernatural happenings happening in her city and she’s going to get to the bottom of it.

They were all the same in that they were smart, strong and extremely talented. They were also mothers. I am lucky that, in my life, I have always been surrounded by women who were strong and who were hustlers. I have always seen women who were doing everything you traditionally saw men do and doing it well.

My mom is a life-long educator who still consults at John Carroll University in Cleveland in Multi-cultural Affairs. My wife owns her own thriving business. So when I created Sydney, Cornerstone and the other female characters in Legend of the Mantamaji, I was drawing on people I have seen, known, worked with or worked for.

Sanctuants from the Legend of the Mantamaji series are explicitly mentioned as equal to the male Mantamaji warriors. It’s an unusual call out among the comic industry, but I didn’t want any of the female leads to be any less than the main hero, just different. It makes the story’s history so much richer.

If I had to boil down three things I wanted to accomplish with the female characters in Legend of the Mantamaji, I have to say I wanted to create a new batch of heroes who are full, real characters; I wanted to make sure people were interested in their journey and I wanted to give women readers what they have been asking for and deserve from comic book creators – real representation.

strong female super villains in comics, legend of the mantamaji

Lisa Legardi AKA WRATH OF PLAGUE. Her day job she rules the airwaves in America with her own TV network. Her alter ego, Wrath of Plague, has the ability to shoot hundreds of deadly disease and plague-ridden daggers from her body.

That really shouldn’t be unusual. It shouldn’t be noteworthy to show women who have more going for them than being a love interest, a damsel in distress or a hero just waiting in the wings until someone needs help.

From our experience at the conventions and speaking with media pros and readers, people LOVE the Sanctuants and they love Sydney from the beginning to the end. They even want to see more of them. It’s the best response I could ask for and accomplishes all I wanted to do.


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Major Spoilers’ Podcast: Diversity in Comics the Right Way, Legend of the Mantamaji

black superheroes, graphic novelsIf you enjoy superhero canon, deep discussions of lore, character creation, motivation and wider societal impacts of comic culture, then the recent Major Spoilers Podcast for Wayne’s Comics is for you.

Wayne interviewed me in what was a very in-depth, thought provoking interview about the Legend of the Mantamaji series. And I’m pleased to say he enjoyed the series! To listen to the whole podcast click here: “Episode 152, Wayne’s Comics Podcast.”

While World Waits for Black Panther Movie, Legend of the Mantamaji Graphic Novel Gives Parents More of Black Superheroes with Book Two Release

With the release of Book Two of the Legend of the Mantamaji graphic novel series, television director Eric Dean Seaton continues to appeal to superhero fans of all ages with multicultural characters and a thrilling, plot full of action and fun. Legend of the Mantamaji Book Two is available for pre-order ahead of its December 11th release, just in time for the holidays.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 31, 2014

Superhero and comic book culture shows no sign of slowing down and with the announcement of more diverse characters on screen, parents of kids and teens who love superheroes are quietly hopeful the trend continues. The wait for a Black lead in a franchise film will be three years leaving parents still looking for quality media with heroes of color. Enter LEGEND OF THE MANTAMAJI, a three book graphic novel series by Eric Dean Seaton, top director of hit shows like TBS’s “Ground Floor,” NBC’s “Undateable,” Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally” and Nickelodeon’s “Ricky, Nicky, Dicky and Dawn.”

Launched October 8th, the series features African American male and female leads; a multicultural cast and strong storytelling from Seaton. Book One begins with hotshot Assistant District Attorney Elijah Alexander at the top of his career and the height of his selfishness. Little does he know his career success is directly connected to a secret that will put it in jeopardy. When a mysterious stranger appears, Elijah learns something incredibly shocking – he is not even human. Suddenly he has superpowers and is thrown into a world of magic, mystery and legendary evil.

“I’m just like the rest of the comic-loving world – I’m excited for the upcoming Black Panther movie,” Seaton said. “I’m a huge Black Panther fan, the comic was part of what inspired me growing up as a kid in Cleveland, Ohio. I always knew I wanted to create a comic book with a big back story and I wanted to create a superhero that looked like me. People of color have been an afterthought in superhero and sci-fi/fantasy stories. I also wanted to create a story that appealed to a wide range of comic book and graphic novel fans – that is why the book has no swearing and the story is layered and nuanced for adult comic and graphic novel lovers.”

“Legend of The Mantamaji,” a 2014 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive, is perfect for comic and graphic novel enthusiasts, ages 9 and up. Book One of this three book series is on sale now, Book Two and Three are scheduled for December 10, 2014 and February 11, 2015, respectively.

The book features artwork by Brandon Palas, colorist Andrew Dalhouse, who has worked with From Boom, Dark Horse, Image, Marvel and DC and lettering by Deron Bennett, who was nominated for an Eisner Award two years ago for his work on titles like Jim Hensons Dark Crystal, Jim Hensons Tale of Sand and Helldorado, among others.


“Fans who bemoan the “big two” for a lack of vision or effort to create bold new characters and franchises should learn that innovation can often be found elsewhere. “Legend of the Mantamaji” has all of the excitement, imagination, and suspense to be a TV or film series on its’ own, but instead it is here as a comic to be enjoyed by the masses who crave them. “Legend of the Mantamaji” volume one is a must read for those who crave all of the spectacle and action of superhero comics yet want a comic which offers creative new ideas and a progressive storyline with real weight behind it.” [FOUR STARS] Alex Widen,

“I didn’t want to put it down, dragging out the last few pages because I didn’t want to come to the end! A refreshing take on a mystic warrior story in the modern world, while still harkening back to African myths and legends. Great to see an original, African-American superhero character come into his own in a seemingly grounded setting.” [FOUR STARS]

“Author, Eric Seaton is a true contender in the comic world. Seaton knew what he was doing right from the beginning. An African- American D.E.A assistant in Manhattan, New York, soon discovers the stories that his mother had been telling him since he was a boy are true and that he must give up what he was worked for all his life to save the world. Just as any other hero that denies their destiny but soon or later have to except it. This is beyond imagination and I’ve had to stop myself from reading too much before there was nothing left to read. I love how the characters speak out loud and the reader is made to be part of the story. Legend Of The Mantamaji makes me feel like I can make my own comic book with an African-American as my lead character. Just looking at the cover I knew it would be a sensation, I look forward to the Mantamaji books to come.” [FIVE STARS] Khamwryn,

“Summary: 5 Stars Easy. Loved this comic, loved the way it left me hanging at the end. And I loved that it was more complicated than I initially anticipated. I am really looking forward to our heroes journey and with Detective Spencer at his side the bad guys don’t stand a chance!” [FIVE STARS]  – Thelonious Legend,

“Rated ON!” by  –

Legend of the Mantamaji: Book 1 
Eric Dean Seaton (Author)
David Ellis Dickerson (Editor)
Brandon Palas (Illustrator)
Paperback: 216 pages
Publisher: And… Action! Entertainment; 2nd edition
(October 8, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1930315341
ISBN-13: 978-1930315341
Suggested Retail Price: $14.99

Series: Legend of Mantamaji: Book Two 
Paperback: 188 pages
Publisher: And… Action! Entertainment; 2 edition
(December 10, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1930315376
ISBN-13: 978-1930315372
Suggested Retail Price: $14.99

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