Commander Carl Cotton

Original Characters

Commander Carl Cotton is a legendary cop, known for his intelligence, determination, and by-the-book approach. He spends years on the force, chasing down some of the most notorious criminals on the West Coast, and finally brings down the largest Mexican Drug Cartel in history – an achievement that earns him endless accolades and respect from officers across the country.

But despite his success, Cotton is a deeply troubled man. His mistakes have resulted in tragedy for his family, leaving him cold, bitter, and alone. When the Mayor of New York calls on him to investigate rumors about a secret gang running rampant through the city’s criminal underworld, Cotton doesn’t believe it at first. But he knows there are unexplained details that demand investigation – details that stir up painful memories of his past.

As Cotton delves deeper into the seedy underbelly of New York, he discovers a web of corruption and deceit that threatens to subvert everything he’s fought for. But even as he wages war against the forces of darkness, he continues to grapple with his own demons. The memory of what happened to his family continues to plague him, driving him to take risks and make unorthodox decisions that put his own safety at risk.

Ultimately, Cotton’s single-minded pursuit of justice leads him down a dangerous path – one that threatens not just his life but everything he stands for.