Disciples of Hope

Original Characters

The Disciples of Hope are members of Brother Hope‘s congregation, which boasts the largest youth following of any church on the East Coast in the United States. 

The Disciples of Hope are a force to be reckoned with, members of Brother Hope’s congregation and the most fervent youth followers on the East Coast of the United States. They are passionate about spreading the “Word of Hope” and will stop at nothing to get their message out to anyone who will listen. It is not enough for them to be members of Brother Hope’s church, they bring their boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm to every corner of their communities.

Most have joined the group for a sense of belonging, a belief in a brighter future, and the promise of a safe place to call home. They appear to be model law-abiding, compassionate, and caring citizens, but beneath the surface lies a darker reality that few outsiders ever see.

Behind closed doors, the disciples engage in rituals that outsiders would find shocking, even disturbing. They approach their mission with a zeal that borders on fanaticism, determined to convert others to their cause no matter the cost. The public may see them as ideal citizens, but appearances can be deceiving.

Their dedication to Brother Hope’s teachings runs deep, and they will go to great lengths to protect each other and their leader at all costs. To cross them is to invite disaster, for they believe they are doing God’s work and will stop at nothing to reach their ultimate goal – whatever that may be.