Lisa Legardi AKA Wrath of Plague

Original Characters

Lisa Legion, the queen of modern media, has built an empire that transcends borders. She rules over the airwaves of America with her own TV network and is conquering new markets every day. But Lisa’s true power lies in her alter ego – the Wrath of Plague.
As this deadly persona, Lisa unleashes a barrage of disease- and plague-ridden daggers from her body, each equipped to infect even the strongest of targets. Her foes fear her for good reason – few have managed to evade her wrath and emerge unscathed.
Yet as Lisa’s media empire continues to expand globally, she finds herself constantly balancing her two identities. The power she wields both in the public eye and on the battlefield is intoxicating, but with great power comes great risk.
As she navigates the treacherous waters of both worlds, Lisa must decide where her loyalties truly lie. Will she continue to build her media empire at all costs, or will she embrace her darker side and unleash her wrath upon those who dare to cross her?