Brother Hope

Brother Hope, a charismatic visionary and compassionate leader, is the beacon of inspiration in Greenwich Village, New York. His House of Hope stands tall as a symbol of refuge and empowerment for the neglected segments of society.

With unwavering conviction, Brother Hope invests his resources strategically to attract and retain those who have been marginalized by society. No expense is spared in creating a haven of compassion where love knows no bounds.

Brother Hope’s fervent belief in immediate action drives him to provide help without delay. He understands that every second counts when it comes to addressing the needs of the downtrodden, homeless, poor, and mentally unstable.

Through his teachings, Brother Hope instills in his followers, known as the Disciples of Hope, an unwavering faith in the potential inherent within all individuals. Love, self-discipline, and organization become the guiding principles that transform lives and unlock each person’s divine best.

Within the House of Hope, dreams are no longer confined by circumstance. Brother Hope’s magnetic presence and tireless efforts have created a dynamic atmosphere of hope, resilience, and second chances.

Brother Hope’s impact resonates far beyond the borders of Williamsburg. His influence stretches across all five boroughs of New York City, illuminating dark corners with compassion and guidance. Under his leadership, forgotten souls find solace, shattered spirits mend, and the power of collective empathy begins to heal the wounds of those society has forsaken.

Brother Hope—a gateway to a better tomorrow, a testament to the transformative power of love—continues to inspire hope, ignite change, and reshape destinies with every step he takes on this noble journey.

Brother Hope teaches–and his followers The Disciples of Hope believe–that everyone has potential, and it takes only love, self-discipline, and organization to help everyone achieve their own divine best.

The Four Horsemen of Sirach

Legend has it that 3000 years ago, the powerful wizard Sirach bestowed his most coveted abilities upon four ruthless butchers who would stop at nothing to join his empire. With these powers in their arsenal, they quickly rose to fame and fortune, using their newfound abilities to dominate their rivals, eliminate those in their way, and conquer all who crossed them.

Over time, these terrifying gifts were passed down from one generation to the next, until they were claimed by four individuals living in modern times. These formidable descendants have combined their skills to become four of the wealthiest, most successful and most dangerous people in the United States – known only as the Four Horsemen.

Individually, they are Touch of Death, Wrath of Plague, Rage of Fire, and Force of Stone.

Touch of Death, a cold-hearted assassin with a lethal touch; Wrath of Plague, a master manipulator with a penchant for destruction; Rage of Fire, a pyromaniac without peer who can ignite anything with his rage; and Force of Stone, a beast of a man with skin as hard as rock.

Together, they form an unstoppable force, their extraordinary abilities amplifying one another’s powers. Their influence is vast, their reach extensive, and their wealth beyond measure. But beware, their allegiance lies only with themselves. Crossing them is not an option, for they will stop at nothing to protect their legacy and maintain their supremacy over all who would challenge them.

Detective Sydney Spencer

Sydney Spencer’s life began with abandonment, left to fend for herself in a harsh and chaotic world. But even in the darkest of times, there was a resilience within her that could not be broken. She learned to navigate the dangerous streets of New York, relying on nothing but her wits and her perseverance. Yet, there was always a nagging sense that there was something she was destined for. Eventually, that sense crystalized into a purpose, and she knew that her calling lay in law enforcement. As soon as she was of age, she joined the police academy and rose through the ranks with astonishing speed, becoming a detective in just two years. But Sydney’s greatest challenge still awaits her: discovering the truth about her past. What she will discover is that her abandonment was no mere accident, but rather a part of a larger plan. Like Elijah, she too is a being with abilities far beyond what she ever imagined, placed here to protect humanity from the forces of evil. The path before her will be long and treacherous, but it will also be a journey of untold discoveries and unparalleled bravery and powers she didn’t know she had.

The Mantamaji

The Mantamaji were the guardians of humanity, possessing supernatural abilities beyond those of any human. Born from a the Enlightened over three thousand years ago, they were tasked with defending mankind against threats both spiritual and mundane.

Their powers were unmatched – the Mantamaji could conjure body armor and illusions at will, imbuing them with unparalleled strength and agility. The gold ankh was their symbol, a conduit for their otherworldly energy that allowed them to manifest weapons from their time with but a thought.

But now, in present times, they are all but extinct. Only Elijah and Noah remain, the last remnants of a once-great order. The fate of the world rests on their shoulders, as they grapple with the weight of their responsibility and the choices they must make to survive.

Forces are gathering against them, both human and otherwise. They struggle to maintain their legacy as they confront external threats and the internal conflicts that threaten to tear them apart. In a world grown increasingly dark and dangerous, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Only the Mantamaji can save it – if they can overcome their own demons first.

Lisa Legardi AKA Wrath of Plague

Lisa Legion, the queen of modern media, has built an empire that transcends borders. She rules over the airwaves of America with her own TV network and is conquering new markets every day. But Lisa’s true power lies in her alter ego – the Wrath of Plague.
As this deadly persona, Lisa unleashes a barrage of disease- and plague-ridden daggers from her body, each equipped to infect even the strongest of targets. Her foes fear her for good reason – few have managed to evade her wrath and emerge unscathed.
Yet as Lisa’s media empire continues to expand globally, she finds herself constantly balancing her two identities. The power she wields both in the public eye and on the battlefield is intoxicating, but with great power comes great risk.
As she navigates the treacherous waters of both worlds, Lisa must decide where her loyalties truly lie. Will she continue to build her media empire at all costs, or will she embrace her darker side and unleash her wrath upon those who dare to cross her?

Nicholi Mornovic AKA Force of Stone

Nicholi Mornovic was once an Olympic Gold Medalist, hailed as a hero for his athletic prowess on an international stage. But beneath his polished exterior lay a secret double life – one that would eventually lead him down a dark and treacherous path.

In secret, Nicholi had been working to help the Russian Mob establish a foothold on the eastern seaboard. He used his high profile and political connections to gain their trust and earn their respect. However, this was all a part of an elaborate scheme.

Once he discovered his Sirach power, Nicholi was determined to harness its immense strength for himself. He betrayed the Russian mob and commandeered their vast resources – their money, weapons, and drugs – for his own purposes. With these tools at his disposal, he built Sirach’s weapons arsenal, becoming a force to be reckoned with.

He is also known by another name: Force of Stone. When he activates his Sirach power, his body becomes as hard as stone, and just as strong. His enemies soon learned to fear him, and his allies respected him for his cunning wit and unparalleled strategic mind.

Under his leadership, those who dared to stand against him soon found themselves crushed beneath the relentless power of Force of Stone.
But even as his success continued to grow, so too did the risks he faced. The deeper he got involved in the shadowy underworld, the more dangerous his game became. For Nicholi Mornovic knew that his life hung in the balance every day, and that one wrong move could spell disaster for himself and everyone he held dear.

Sophia Bronoz AKA Touch of Death

Sophia Bronoz’s childhood was one of constant struggle and hardship on the dangerous streets of Columbia. But she refused to let her past define her, and instead channeled her pain and anger into a fierce determination to succeed.
Through sheer force of will, Sophia clawed her way up from poverty to become a scholar, honor student, and eventually a highly respected lawyer. With her sharp intellect and confident demeanor, she built a powerful law firm that specialized in defending white-collar criminals – a career choice that would soon lead her down a path of darkness and despair.

It was around this time that Sophia became enamored with legend of Sirach’s teachings. Believing every word spoke, she pledged all her connections, finances, and influence to the cause of Unity Inc., determined to become his most loyal general. Little did she realize just how much this loyalty would cost her.
As she descended deeper into Sirach’s shadowy underworld, Sophia found herself gradually transforming into an entirely different person. Her morals became increasingly twisted and distorted, to the point where she would do literally anything to achieve her goals – no matter how heinous the act.

This transformation was not limited to her mind alone, however. Sophia had also discovered a strange power that lay within her – that of Touch of Death. Anything she touched would turn to dust in an instant, making her an incredibly lethal weapon in battle.

With this newfound power at her disposal, Sophia became even more dangerous than ever before. Her enemies soon learned to fear the very ground she walked on, for they knew that the slightest touch could spell their ultimate demise.

And yet through it all, Sophia cannot help but wonder if the price of power is truly worth the cost. As she spends more time with Sirach, her feelings for him begin to evolve beyond admiration and loyalty – she realizes that she is falling in love with him. As Sophia grapples with these conflicting emotions, she realizes that she must decide whether her feelings for Sirach are worth risking everything for. Is the allure of power and control enough to overcome the potential costs? Only time will tell…

Argo Yamato AKA Rage of Fire

Argo Yamato’s empire spans the globe, with his international import and export company commanding immense power and influence in numerous countries. But behind this seemingly legitimate façade lurks a fearsome alter ego: the Rage of Fire.
Armed with the ability to conjure flames from within and shape them into lethal weapons, Yamato is not someone to be trifled with. His fiery rage knows no bounds, and he has been known to use his powers to devastating effect on those who run afoul of him. But there’s more to his story than just raw power alone. Yamato was once expelled from the Red Ninja Dragon Clan of Japan, for reasons still shrouded in mystery. Yet he has taken this setback in stride, using it as motivation to become even stronger and more determined than ever before.

Today, he oversees the New World Knights’ combat training – an elite group of fighters committed to upholding justice and combating evil wherever it may arise. Under his guidance, they have become a force to be reckoned with, feared by criminals and villains the world over.

Yet within Yamato a simmering turmoil continues to burn. He knows all too well that power can be a double-edged sword – one that can cut down friend and foe alike if not wielded with care. And so he continues to grapple with the darker sides of both himself and his profession, wondering if there will ever be a way to truly put out the raging inferno within him.

As his alter ego Rage of Fire, he has the ability to conjure fire from within and spit it out as a weapon. 

Yamato is also an expelled member of the Red Ninja Dragon Clan of Japan and he oversees the New World Knights’ combat training.


The Sanctuants were the proud and powerful female counterparts to the Mantamaji, created by the Enlightened with the ability to command biogenic energy within their bodies. They were the mothers of the protectors of Earth, nurturing and strong, and gave birth to both Mantamaji and Sanctuant offspring alike.

But their path was not an easy one. After Sirach’s death three thousand years ago, they fought on alone against unspeakable foes. Though their powers were great, even they could not withstand the relentless assault wrought upon them by those who sought to erase them from existence.

Now, in present times, only a handful of Sanctuants remain, driven to near extinction by a campaign of systematic hunting that has decimated their numbers. No longer do they seek to protect humanity – their focus has shifted solely to survival.

Led by the enigmatic Collective, they have turned their back on the very people they once swore to defend. Their fierce independence and unbending determination are both their greatest assets and their gravest weaknesses, as they struggle to evade their pursuers and secure a future for themselves.

But as the Sanctuants fight for survival in a world that increasingly seems to be against them, questions linger – should they be fighting at all? Can they find a way to reconnect with humanity and reclaim their place as protectors of the innocent? Or will they remain forever outcast, trapped in a cycle of violence and retribution with no end in sight?

The Enlightened

Born not of this Earth, godlike beings once existed on our planet. Their origins have long been shrouded in mystery, but some believe that they are the true creators of the Seven Wonders of the World, from the Pyramids to Stonehenge. Indeed, their otherworldly existence can be traced to every unexplained phenomenon on Earth.

These beings kept their existence a secret, allowing only a select few to know of their presence as they carried out their mission to guide and protect humanity from danger. But with their immense power came enemies, those who sought to control or eliminate them. One such foe was Sirach, whose brazen actions put him in direct conflict with the godly beings. As penance for his crimes, he was banished, but he remained hell-bent on revenge.

Sirach wiped out most of these godly beings, leaving behind nothing but ancient symbols and rumors. Even today, the mystery of their true existence inspires researchers and adventurers to explore the evidence left behind, searching for answers to the unexplained phenomena of our ancient past.