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A+ Graphic Novel Reviews for Librarians and Teachers: Legend of the Mantamaji

One of the great things we learned when we attended the AASL Conference in Columbus was the importance of peer and preferred publication reviews for librarians and teachers. These reviews are vital to helping education purchasers pick great books for their kids and getting those purchase requests approved by their respective institutions.

For the convenience of our education professionals and for comics creators who want to learn what these types of reviews look like, we have included our most recent reviews:


Voice of Youth Advocates Review

Reading this series reminded me of my love for Greco/Roman and Norse mythology, with the same flawed heroes and antagonists in a magical, mystical world. Palas’s art is dynamic and expressive and makes the story come alive; Andrew Dalhouses’s rich colors make great use of light and dark to indicate place and time.

Library Journal Review

Verdict This lively saga is solid entertainment for teens and adults who like urban superheroics with an occult fantasy vibe.—Martha Cornog, Philadelphia

This three volume saga is an absolutely absorbing read that combines heroic fantasy with a compelling series of unexpected plot twists and surprising turns.

Blogger/Comic Reviewers

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legend of the mantamaji graphic novel by eric dean seaton black superhero

Fish N’ Cherries Reviews Legend of the Mantamaji Book One

Fish N’ Cherries, what a great name for a website, and not just because they gave Legend of the Mantamaji Book One a great review.

I feel the need to mention that the magical aspects are visually creative in their implementation. In fact, everything is colorful and visually engaging from the costumes to the backgrounds. This could very well have been another story with a washed out palette to make it seem more adult or serious. But instead, things are distinct and pop right off the page. The diverse color scheme lends itself to a lot of color theory too, especially in the three mystical armors. The red of Sirach shows that he’s a danger to the world, Elijah’s blue represents his devotion to the law, and Noah’s green denotes his need to train Elijah because of his loyalty to his family as well as his service to another cause. There are plenty more in there, I’m sure, but far be it from me to dictate whatever you personally read into it.

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Legend of the Mantamaji Book Review, Eric Dean Seaton

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