Nicholi Mornovic AKA Force of Stone

Original Characters

Nicholi Mornovic was once an Olympic Gold Medalist, hailed as a hero for his athletic prowess on an international stage. But beneath his polished exterior lay a secret double life – one that would eventually lead him down a dark and treacherous path.

In secret, Nicholi had been working to help the Russian Mob establish a foothold on the eastern seaboard. He used his high profile and political connections to gain their trust and earn their respect. However, this was all a part of an elaborate scheme.

Once he discovered his Sirach power, Nicholi was determined to harness its immense strength for himself. He betrayed the Russian mob and commandeered their vast resources – their money, weapons, and drugs – for his own purposes. With these tools at his disposal, he built Sirach’s weapons arsenal, becoming a force to be reckoned with.

He is also known by another name: Force of Stone. When he activates his Sirach power, his body becomes as hard as stone, and just as strong. His enemies soon learned to fear him, and his allies respected him for his cunning wit and unparalleled strategic mind.

Under his leadership, those who dared to stand against him soon found themselves crushed beneath the relentless power of Force of Stone.
But even as his success continued to grow, so too did the risks he faced. The deeper he got involved in the shadowy underworld, the more dangerous his game became. For Nicholi Mornovic knew that his life hung in the balance every day, and that one wrong move could spell disaster for himself and everyone he held dear.