Mariah Alexander

Original Characters

Born into servitude three thousand years ago as a Sanctuant in Utopia, Egypt, Mariah’s life was uprooted when she met the love of her life, Candor. After he saved her family from a demonic attack, Mariah realized that her fate was tied to a much greater power. Agreeing to be put in an eternal sleep to be awakened only if the ruthless General Sirach survived the great war, Mariah thought that she would only need to wait a short moment in history before being reunited with her beloved.

But what was supposed to be a temporary slumber turned into a 3000-year journey into darkness. When Mariah finally awoke in modern times, the world was unrecognizable. Her beloved Candor had been killed by Sirach, just as Sirach had fallen in battle. Fleeing to America to try and blend in and protect her son Elijah, Mariah found that the world was no safer than it had ever been.

Revealing her people’s history only through a book of folktales, Mariah hoped that her awakening was simply a breach in the magic. Over time, however, she grew complacent and felt that the world had survived without the Mantamaji and Sanctuants. But her complacency is misplaced, for what Mariah will come to learn is that she is still the mother of the savior – a child destined to hold the fate of humanity in his hands.