Original Characters

Noah is the last remaining Mantamaji. Three thousand years ago, he was a teacher to the Mantamaji children and fought in the epic Great War against the ruthless General Sirach. It was during this conflict that he suffered his greatest loss – his only son.

Determined to destroySirach’s minions, Noah embarked on a lifelong crusade to rid the world of their malevolent influence. His quest led him on a perilous cat-and-mouse chase across the ages, but he was determined to see it through – no matter what the cost. His sacrifice has been great. He lost of his second wife and the love of his daughter, Cornerstone.

But there’s one thing that drives Noah above all else: finding Mariah and her son, Elijah. For years he has searched for them while putting everything on hold – relationships, his own happiness, everything – to try and find a way to defeat Sirach and save the world once and for all. Now, as the fate of humanity hangs in the balance, Noah knows that he must give everything he has left in order to achieve his ultimate mission.