Original Characters

The Sanctuants were the proud and powerful female counterparts to the Mantamaji, created by the Enlightened with the ability to command biogenic energy within their bodies. They were the mothers of the protectors of Earth, nurturing and strong, and gave birth to both Mantamaji and Sanctuant offspring alike.

But their path was not an easy one. After Sirach’s death three thousand years ago, they fought on alone against unspeakable foes. Though their powers were great, even they could not withstand the relentless assault wrought upon them by those who sought to erase them from existence.

Now, in present times, only a handful of Sanctuants remain, driven to near extinction by a campaign of systematic hunting that has decimated their numbers. No longer do they seek to protect humanity – their focus has shifted solely to survival.

Led by the enigmatic Collective, they have turned their back on the very people they once swore to defend. Their fierce independence and unbending determination are both their greatest assets and their gravest weaknesses, as they struggle to evade their pursuers and secure a future for themselves.

But as the Sanctuants fight for survival in a world that increasingly seems to be against them, questions linger – should they be fighting at all? Can they find a way to reconnect with humanity and reclaim their place as protectors of the innocent? Or will they remain forever outcast, trapped in a cycle of violence and retribution with no end in sight?