Original Characters

3000 years ago, Sirach was the greatest general to ever walk the halls of the Mantamaji. The people adored him, and his victories on the battlefield only made him all the more revered. But as time passed, Sirach began to believe he was above the very people he had sworn to protect. He became convinced that his way of thinking was superior, even if it was at odds with the rest of society. His desire to prove that he held the key to a better world would come at a terrible cost: the loss of his beloved wife and his exile from everything he held dear. Now, after being killed and resurrected in modern times, Sirach goes by Brother Hope, a new age guru who holds unparalleled sway over the East Coast. To the world at large, he is a beacon of peace and hope, inspiring millions with his words and deeds. But behind closed doors, his true mission remains unchanged: to use his knowledge of the dark world beyond what is seen to create a new order for humanity. He will stop at nothing to bring his vision to life, even if it means sacrificing everything, he once held dear. In this battle of good and evil, where lines are blurred and the truth is not always what it seems, Sirach/Brother Hope must face his greatest challenge yet: himself. Will he succumb to the darkness within, or will he find redemption before it’s too late?