Sophia Bronoz AKA Touch of Death

Original Characters

Sophia Bronoz’s childhood was one of constant struggle and hardship on the dangerous streets of Columbia. But she refused to let her past define her, and instead channeled her pain and anger into a fierce determination to succeed.
Through sheer force of will, Sophia clawed her way up from poverty to become a scholar, honor student, and eventually a highly respected lawyer. With her sharp intellect and confident demeanor, she built a powerful law firm that specialized in defending white-collar criminals – a career choice that would soon lead her down a path of darkness and despair.

It was around this time that Sophia became enamored with legend of Sirach’s teachings. Believing every word spoke, she pledged all her connections, finances, and influence to the cause of Unity Inc., determined to become his most loyal general. Little did she realize just how much this loyalty would cost her.
As she descended deeper into Sirach’s shadowy underworld, Sophia found herself gradually transforming into an entirely different person. Her morals became increasingly twisted and distorted, to the point where she would do literally anything to achieve her goals – no matter how heinous the act.

This transformation was not limited to her mind alone, however. Sophia had also discovered a strange power that lay within her – that of Touch of Death. Anything she touched would turn to dust in an instant, making her an incredibly lethal weapon in battle.

With this newfound power at her disposal, Sophia became even more dangerous than ever before. Her enemies soon learned to fear the very ground she walked on, for they knew that the slightest touch could spell their ultimate demise.

And yet through it all, Sophia cannot help but wonder if the price of power is truly worth the cost. As she spends more time with Sirach, her feelings for him begin to evolve beyond admiration and loyalty – she realizes that she is falling in love with him. As Sophia grapples with these conflicting emotions, she realizes that she must decide whether her feelings for Sirach are worth risking everything for. Is the allure of power and control enough to overcome the potential costs? Only time will tell…