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Cornerstone is a Sanctuant

Cornerstone, whose real name is Chonpin, was Noah’s daughter from one of the Sanctuants who lost her life during Sirach’s resurrection. Her nickname, “Cornerstone,” came from the fact that she was the one who held the other Sanctuants together after the devastating loss. Like all of the remaining Sanctuants, Cornerstone could conjure biogenic energy with her hands and use it as a weapon or for protection. She was tough as nails and just as sharp, never losing sight of the Sanctuants’ true calling: protecting mankind from the forces of evil.
But Cornerstone’s love and trust in her father had long been lost. Noah had failed to protect his own family, and anger burned within Cornerstone’s heart. Now, she placed her hope in a baby she once had put in foster care for its protection – a baby who may hold the key to the Sanctuants’ salvation.