Stop, Look! Legend of the Mantamaji Live Short Trailer

They say it’s not nice to tease, but what about when you have a new superhero digital short?

Shooting has wrapped up on the set of the Legend of the Mantamaji digital short which brought scenes from the graphic novel series to life. The short is 7 minutes and 6 of them are pure action.  You will see all the things you see in the book: morphing, weapons, fighting, drama, danger and fun.  The only thing we didn’t do is add a lot of jokes because we wanted to show something totally different and new.  The edits are almost complete and then the special effects crew gets their chance to add the next level of movie magic. While we wait though…check out some of what is in store!

We went with live action or animation because I am a live action director and the thrill of taking something that was 2D and making it 3D seemed much more challenging which was part of the fun. So far the best part of the process has been making a dream come to life. It was so fun to do that it never felt like work and was not hard at all. The biggest challenge was the suit.  In Batman vs. Superman they had 11 Batman suits that were very expensive.  We had one suit and one guy to do everything and it had to last for 3 days! It all came together though and the whole team is really excited and proud of our work. Subscribe to our YouTube channel “And…Action! Entertainment” for more updates and sneak peeks.

Buy the books that started it all: Legend of the Mantamaji series


Monday Mix: 1 Minute Horror Film, Geeky Kid Videos

This week’s Monday Mix has a kid theme to it: creepy kids, funny kids and a geek dad totally hooking up a kid. If you’re going to waste time on anything today, waste a few minutes on these:

Brownie Points for Dad

With more than 6.5 million views on YouTube, this Dad gets serious bonus points for building his child a fully functioning merch suit.

Creepy music + little kid = Perfect 1 Minute Horror Movie

Tuck Me In is a 1 minute horror movie that combines some of the best elements of what makes a horror film work: suspense, a kid and creepy music score.

“I am your father.”

Remember your reaction when you found out Darth Vader was *spoiler alert* Luke’s father? Well, check out these kids. *Mind Blown.*