Wiles Magazine Authors Spotlight



By John Nathan

Director and author Eric Dean Seaton

If you’ve ever seen episodes of shows like “That’s So Raven,”…or the current series “Undateable,” then you’ve seen prolific and award-winning director Eric Dean Seaton’s work.  And, if you happen to be at Comic Com 2014 from July 24 – 27, you’ll get to see even more of his work AND meet him in person.

After building a successful career as a television director that began with an internship during the final season of “The Cosby Show,” Eric Dean Seaton has translated his talent for storytelling into the Legend of the Mantamaji series of graphic novels. And, as he shared with us, the worlds of television and graphic novels aren’t nearly as far apart as you might think.

“Legend of the Mantamaji” was the culmination of all the things I learned about story telling while working for The Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.  Their characters can be broad and the stories tailored more towards kids but the art of telling a story is the same.  You have to have heart, it has to mean something, the main character needs to be flawed and learn a lesson and you have to take the audience on an adventure. ”

And, as it turns out, the art of creating adventures for himself and others is something Eric has been perfecting since childhood.

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