Funny video with honest trailer, what comic book geek say

Monday Mix: X-Men Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment & more

Funny video with honest trailer, what comic book geek sayIt’s time for the Monday Mix! And this week I’ve found a great new Honest Trailer. If you haven’t seen an Honest Trailer video before, it hilariously sums up a movie to its good bits and adds a healthy dose of critic to plot holes and simple fixes overlooked for the sake of action. This week they take a look at X-Men: Days of Future Past:

It’s a little older, but it’s still good. “Sh*t Comic Book Nerds Say” is hilarious and you won’t be judged by how many times you’ve said these things.

Monday Mix: 1 Minute Horror Film, Geeky Kid Videos

This week’s Monday Mix has a kid theme to it: creepy kids, funny kids and a geek dad totally hooking up a kid. If you’re going to waste time on anything today, waste a few minutes on these:

Brownie Points for Dad

With more than 6.5 million views on YouTube, this Dad gets serious bonus points for building his child a fully functioning merch suit.

Creepy music + little kid = Perfect 1 Minute Horror Movie

Tuck Me In is a 1 minute horror movie that combines some of the best elements of what makes a horror film work: suspense, a kid and creepy music score.

“I am your father.”

Remember your reaction when you found out Darth Vader was *spoiler alert* Luke’s father? Well, check out these kids. *Mind Blown.*


Titanic’s Alternate Ending – What Happened to ‘The Heart of the Ocean’

Titanic isn’t a superhero story by any means, but it is one of those stories that endures and the director in me likes a good story. The story portrays real life people that, alongside the made up characters, have all the characteristics of what makes good heroes – flaws, redemption and self-less acts to name a couple.

Few things are more debated than Rose’s decision to throw the giant blue diamond into the ocean, except maybe not sharing the door… This video of James Cameron’s alternative ending is lighting up the internet and it’s pretty shocking. I can only imagine the reaction in the theater had Cameron chosen this version, maybe cries of “Snatch it a run!”

Check it out and tell me what you think. Which ending was better?

h/t:gus tavo-youtube